Proteomics represents the effort to establish the identities, quantities, structures, and biochemical and cellular functions of all proteins in an organism, organ, or organelle, and how these properties vary in space, time, and physiological state. The science has helped in providing answers to some of the most fundamental questions about the living world. The science of “-omics” has changed the way we look at the biological systems. The science of proteomics has evolved enormously and it is now ready to be used for providing solutions to some of the major problems in health care sector.

With the advent of new machines, techniques and methods; the field of proteomics is now recognized for its use in the field of medical diagnosis and drug discovery research. Starting from human genome project in year 2000 we have progressed towards Human Proteome Project which will reveal the intriguing mysteries of human biology. The number of published literature on proteomics has been exponentially increasing since year 1997. Today there are ~39,000 peer reviewed publications in public databases which show the impact of proteomics on variety of scientific domains.

Proteomics is poised to grow in the coming years due to developments in the field of instrumentation technology and increase in biological problems. In India it has remained at the forefront of biological research and has received significant support from the government. Apart from granting incentives, the government has been active in setting up a number of national and international collaborations for supporting the progress in the field. 

Despite having a large student population in the country there is a scarcity of personnel trained in proteomics and allied research areas. The need to train students and to increase their exposure to emerging areas like mass spectrometry can only be met through support from universities. The conference aims to facilitate educational activities related to these areas in order to move this field into the next generation. One of the main goals of this meeting will be to provide students an exposure to high quality work being done in the area of proteomics and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration related to proteomics at local, national and at an international level.


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